The Agritrend Range of Pan Mixers for Construction, Concrete, Aggregates and Fodder; PTO drive, Hydraulic Drive and 3-Phase

Agritrend pan mixers are designed and built for a long and useful working life with low cost of ownership. We employ the latest production methods to improve quality and cut costs. These savings allow us to put more steel and better components into our mixers. Our mixers are made for hard work.

The Agritrend Range of Pan Mixers for Farming, Construction and Industry.

The Agritrend PTO pan mixer is ideal for operation on 3-point linkage. Power is handled by a Comer gearbox with ratio 7.8:1. Mixing arms are arranged in a cruciform layout with side scraper and adjustable stirring paddles. The mixer features a robust safety grill with aggregate bag breaker. We provide two exit port positions with a sturdy and moveable pouring spout. The pan mixers operate at 50-60 rpm providing fast and effective throughput of compost, feed, concrete and other aggregates. Agritrend pan mixers have several long life features to give more value for money.
  • 800 litre (1.1 cubic yards) fill and mix capacity
  • Comer 7.8:1 ratio oil filled gearbox
  • Suitable for mortar and concrete, feed and compost
  • Suitable for tractor 3 point linkage
  • 8mm long life 355 steel floor. (Industry standard is 6mm). 5mm steel sides and chassis
  • Sleeve length adjusted stirring paddles (With hardox blades and wear shield unique to Agritrend mixers)
  • Side scraper
  • Unbreakable sprung steel paddle holders (Lifetime Guarantee on this component from Agritrend LTD)
  • Heavy duty Slip clutch PTO in place of shear bolt protection
  • Two discharge ports
  • Splash guard
  • Fork slots (Reinforced with protective collars)
  • Heavy, strong and durable construction with unfilled weight 600kg
  • Protective slip clutch PTO 26KW//210Nm//510mm

Agritrend Profi hydraulic motor pan mixer with heavy duty chain drive.

The Agritrend Profi hydraulic motor pan mixer is designed for use on telescopic loaders and 3 point linkage. Power is provided through a hydraulic motor and heavy duty chain drive. The mixer is generously engineered for long and aggressive use. The steel floor is thickened to 8mm for longer life and to eliminate flexion wear on the main bearing. The entire drive-line is protected from dirt and damage within solid 4mm steel plating. Two external grease-points are provided for daily attention to promote long life.
  • 800 litre max fill
  • Hydraulic motor generously engineered to take 42 hp
  • Heavy duty chain drive with 16B chain (1 inch)
  • Spring tensioner on drive chain
  • Floor with braced 8mm steel
  • Sides 5mm steel
  • Under chassis 5mm steel
  • Fork slots and three point linkage with reinforced collars
  • Flow valve non return
  • 2 hoses with BSP terminations 1 male and 1  female
  • High quality main bearing for drive
  • 2 exit  chute exits with 1 spout
  • Bag cutter

Agritrend Bespoke Pan Mixers: Made just for You.

We offer a bespoke service for our industrial customers with a range of options including electric drive, PTO drive, hydraulic loaders and hydraulic drives in a range of pan mixer sizes.

Agritrend have a range of 3-phase electric mixers offering the best balance of value, long life and choice available in Europe.  We can give you the right size, power and speed to suit your mixing requirements.

Range of hydraulic loaders