Mounted seed broadcaster and slug pelleter for grass seed, lime & other granular materials. Suitable to mount on ATV, harrow, cultivator or tractor three point link

This is the Akpil Poplon mounted seed broadcaster and slug pelleter which is good for a variety of other seed and granular products including lime. Recommended by Agritrend for use with your ATV or on tractor front mount or for direct positioning on a cultivator or harrow.

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Akpil 3-in-1 Seed Broadcaster, Slug pelleter and lime spreader with digital controls and a generous 110 litre hopper. 2024 is the fourth season in which we have supplied these seed broadcasters to our customers for an easy to use solution for precise application of seeds, slug protection and lime. The Broadcaster's design ensures an even distribution pattern, preventing wasteful overlapping. The spreader can be set to customizes the spread width from a tight, targeted dispersal to a wide broadcast. The controls allow speed variance for greater or lesser throw distance and the large hopper capacity means fewer refills. The digital controls are intuitive and easy to understand. The broadcaster is built from durable sunlight resistant poly-plastic, it's weather-resistant, strong and light with a robust steel chassis and is appreciated by all of our customers.

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Suitable for spreading grass-seed to 3 meters and slug pellets to 24 meters

Suitable for use on spring tine or on tractor front link or on a larger quad and on heavier duty cultivation equipment

Hopper volume: 110 litres

Weight: 32 kg

Voltage: 10 to 15 Volts

Power consumption: 15 A at start-up, approx. 10 A during normal operating mode

Engine power: 150 W

Fuse: 25 A

Spinner speed range: 800 rpm - 3000 rpm

Hand held digital control unit

Spreading width: 2.0 - 24 meters (depending on the sown seed and machine settings)

Clear and comprehensive user guide handbook

Excellent field support and advice available from Agritrend LTD 7 days per week


The metalwork chassis is made from box section with 2.5mm thickness. This is in keeping with the industry standard

The maximum capable throw for slug pellets is 24m if the machine is positioned at a height where the sowing disc is over 1 meter and the blades are set to max extrusion

The power cable terminates in crocodile clips on the battery and is 4.5 meters long to the hand held digital control unit

The power/control cable to the seeder is 6.5 meters long. There is a 5m extender option at £75 and a 10m extender at price £150

The 3 point link adaptor for your front linkage is £155

This mounted seed broadcaster and slug pelleter is on sale from Agritrend LTD for £1450 plus VAT including delivery to UK mainland excluding highlands and Islands where delivery may need a supplemental charge. We will make best effort to reduce delivery cost as much as possible.

The size of the boxed seeder unit is 70cm x70cm x height 130cm so a single pallet is required for delivery or else there is a collection option.

You can view or order this Akpil Poplon Tractor mounted seed broadcaster and slug pelleter from three of our depot  locations:

Kent (TN3 9LA), Wales (SY23 4QU) and North Yorks ( DL11 7DN)