Pronar T900 walking floor ejector trailer for silage and grains

Pronar make a range of state of the art walking floor ejector trailers.

Axles and suspensions, wheel rims and hydraulics are made in house with economy savings from mega-scale production on one site being put straight back into the premium quality of components, paint coverings and general build quality.

Pronar trailers are number 1 in the high quality German market and number 2 sellers in the similar French market. The advantage of running Pronar trailers for UK users is that the quality is premium compared to the best brands available in the UK while the directly comparable purchase price is at mid-market levels. This means you get the best of trailers at a significant saving.

Agritrend in the UK can support you purchase from 6 locations within the UK. Sussex, Bucks, Wilts, Mid Wales, West Wales and North Yorks.

A Pronar Ejector is the default choice when investing in an ejector trailer to get maximum emergent lifecycle return from owning a robust and reliable high end tool on your farm acquired at a super competitive price.

Specification and Features.

Technically permissible total weight: 35000 kg

Permissible total weight: 33000 kg

Load capacity: 23500 kg

Empty weight: 9500 kg

Load volume: 36.57 m3

Loading space: 19.7 m2

Loading case inside length: 8320 mm

Loading case inside width: 2370 mm

Length/Width/Height: 10510/2750/3543 mm

Sidewall height: 2000 mm

Floor/wall thickness: 6/4 mm

Platform height, measured from the ground: 1500 mm

Wheel track: 2150/2200 mm

Suspension: parabolic springs

Hitch-ring load: 3000 kg

Tyres: 550/60 – 22.5

Maximum speed: 40 km/h

Unloading system: movable + tipping

Oil requirement: 40 l

Working pressure: 200 bar

Tractor power requirement: 182/133.8 hp/kW

Movable wall tipping angle: 55˚

Standard equipment

Sealed movable wall

Sliding wall provided with elastomeric seals ensuring better sealing

Chassis frame welded from rectangular closed profiles made of high-strength steel

Hydraulically driven tailgate with automatic blocking system

Drawbar with rotary towing eye Ø50

Drawbar support: telescopic with 2-section gear

Drawbar: upper/lower universal transportation hitch with steel leaf springs shock absorption

Tridem suspension on 6 parabolic springs with 1810 mm axle track, compensatory swingarms, fixed middle axle and active steering of front and rear axle

Hydraulic turning block with manual pump filling system

Axles for 60 km/h, drum brakes Ø406×140

Turning system facilitated by tractor’s hitch system according to ISO 26402

Turning system facilitated by tractor’s hitch system according to ISO 26402

Pneumatic hand brake

Rear underrun protection according to 70/221/EWG (2006/20/WE)

Wheel chocks and racks

A set of plastic mudguards and steel mudguards over the wheels

Rear lighting system with side marker lights and bars protecting against damage

Electric system with lateral commercial road lighting

Hydraulic movable front wall with automatic tipping system and tipping angle of 55˚ in the last phase of unloading

Hydraulic pipes marked with colours to identify purpose and tracking through the trailer

A ladder and side steps facilitating access to the loading case

Control windows on a movable wall

Grain hatch with lever in rear wall

Double-component chemically hardened paint

Frame painting colour: red RAL3000 PRONAR

Loading case painting colour: green RAL6010 PRONAR

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