Agritrend "Clap-Hands" Bale Handler Made For Us By Our Partner FK Machinery

This is the Agritrend bale handler supplied to farms since 2013. This implement has sprung loaded hands which self-centre which is why we call it the "clap-hands." The design was specified in 2013 with 341 units supplied in the UK up to June 2021.

We specified a strong grab with long life features such as thicker steel tube in the hands. We refined the design to ensure the grab does not catch on delicate bale plastic.

Our grabs can be pre-made with the brackets of your choice. This means we can mitre joint the brackets into the frame for extra strength and better finish during production.

Opening and closing widths are optimised for a variety of bale widths based on size variations averaging 1.25 meter diameter bales. The hands are spring loaded to prevent slop so they remain positioned for work.

We have a production partner (FK Machinery) with the scale and tooling for excellent build quality. Welding and paint is of a very high standard and production is supervised by Agritrend LTD.

Prices do not include delivery direct to your farm/business.

  • Double acting ram with 4 X springs which are tension loaded for centralisation of the hands when approaching the bale
  • Opening width 2000mmm
  • High quality powder coat paint finish
  • 1.2 meter hydraulic hose X 2 per grab
  • Hydraulic hose termination with 1 male and 1 female (or your choice of variation)
  • Parking hose guides to left, right and centre
  • Designed and finished to prevent handling damage to the delicate plastic bale surface
  • Support stilts rounded and smooth to prevent plastic damage to bale ends when stacking.
  • Study build with weight 195kg reflecting generous quantities of 355 carbon steel used in construction.

Version with Manitou telescopic brackets and hoses and couplers: £1195 plus VAT

Version with JCB Q-fit brackets and hoses and couplers: £1185 plus VAT

Version with John Deere brackets and hoses and couplers: £1185 plus VAT

Version with Euro brackets and hoses and couplers: £1095 plus VAT

Version with no brackets but with hoses and couplers £1045 plus VAT

Version with without brackets and with hoses and couplers: £995 plus VAT