Round bale cutter | slicer | shear | unwrapper. Cuts your bale and unwraps the net and film

Round bale cutter/slicer /splitter/shear/unwrapper for sale for your telehandler or tractor loader. This is a generously robust round bale cutter for slicing, splitting, shearing and unwrapping bales up to 1.55 meters in diameter. The strength in design is effected by using heavy steel profile thickness yielding a total implement weight at a solid 469kg not including brackets and bracket support plates. Steel profiles used in the construction of this bale slicer are generously thick to give good strength and long life.

The bale cutter design  has an optimised cutting radius which splits the bale properly and evenly and the slicer/cutter blade is made from HB400 carbon steel to keep it sharp and effective in the long term. It can be unbolted and replaced as needed during the long life of this implement. There is thought and detail in the design of the unwrapper feature which incorporates retracting claws. The claws grab and remove net and film from the bale immediately after the slicer blade has sheared the bale.   Plastic wrap and netting are snared in retracting hooks and removed while the bale is being sliced open so that the net and film are retained as the bale falls away. The operator  remain in the tractor cab throughout the process, saving time and effort. Overall, the heavy build and effective design is why we have endorsed this product and included it in our “best on the market” portfolio.

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  • Replaceable (bolt in bolt out)  hardened cutting blade (8mm) with lateral  top to bottom cutting action
  • Steel used in cutting blades is 30MnB5 with hardness 47-53 HRC which is notably dense and impact resistant
  • Twin hydraulic rams 110-50H295L515
  • Top to bottom bale cutter  action
  • Row of 4 x retracting hooks penetrates the plastic and holds it fast while the net and film are removed
  • One hydraulic double acting pair controls the triple action of grab-cut/slice/split/shear-remove
  • 6 x 820mm x 820mm bale spikes
  • Opens to 1227mm
  • Cutting width 1520mm
  • Overall width 1880mm
  • Optional flow divider valve
  • Price £3500 plus VAT
  • Brackets and hydraulic couplings to suit your tractor or telehandler £125 plus VAT

Side view of the round bale cutter | slicer | splitter | shear | unwrapper.

Front view of the round bale cutter | slicer | splitter | shear | unwrapper.

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