Pallet fork set with 5 x bale spike bushes for tractor loader 2500kg lift

This is the Agritrend designed pallet fork for tractor front loader. Designed by Agritrend and made by our manufacturing partner FK Machinery. Lift capacity 2500kg. Comes with 5 x Conus II bush positions to take bale spikes and with a central profile support spine giving it over-engineered strength and durability.

We created it with a better spec and features than others offered by our UK competition and as an implement designed and built for a multi-decade work-lifetime. We use box section construction with heavy steel profiles and a central strengthening beam running vertically in the middle of the support bracket with a bush in the centre. We have added a slight forward tilt to the angle at which the backs of the forks interface with the support bracket for enhanced crowding. This is advantageous over pallet fork sets where the forks are mounted vertically.

The spec for the forks is 100mm width which is superior to many other offers where the width is skinny and inappropriate at only 80mm. The pallet tines are 40mm thick and 1250mm long

In addition to the design and spec being better, the welding and finish are to Agritrend's very high standards as seen in the photos.


  • 200 kg weight
  • 2500 kg lifting capacity
  • Forks rated to 2500kg across the pair
  • Width 1100 mm
  • Box profile 100 mm x 80 mm x 5 mm
  • Fork dimensions 100 mm x 1200 mm
  • Central vertical profile to add strength
  • 5 x bush positions for bale spikes
  • Forward tilt to enhance crowding
  • Pallet tine stoppers left and right to prevent them sliding off
  • Optional hydraulic log grapple finger (see photo)
  • Euro 8 as standard. Can be purchased without

Price £1100 plus VAT and delivery

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Delivery can be arranged. This implement is normally available from our deports in North Yorks, Sussex or Mid Wales.