High Tip Bucket with Hydraulic Grab

Our high tip bucket with hydraulic claw grab has widths between 140cm and 240cm and volumes 500 litres to 860 litres. They have accessible grease points and the bite edge is 150 x 16 HB500. The sides are 6mm and the heel is 5mm. The top tines are 700mm Conus 1 forged steel which screw into a bush for easy replacement.

Key Benefits of High Tip Loader Buckets with claw grab:

  • Increased loading capacity – Choice of bucket sizes (max volume 860 litres) and extended reach allows you to scoop, lift and carry far more materials in each cycle. This boosts productivity significantly.
  • Fast and easy dumping - The high pivot tipping action quickly unloads materials exactly where needed. No more manual shovelling or raking out material from low clearance buckets.
  • Reduced Spillage - The flared bucket shape and smooth hydraulic tipping motion prevents messy or accidental spills during unloading. This saves time and money.
  • Durable construction - Made from hardened 355 steel with hardox scuff and bite edges, these heavy-duty buckets stand up to the rigors of daily use across various applications.
  • Customizable size - Bucket size can be tailored to your specific material handling needs from our range of options.
  • Low maintenance - With few moving parts, and accessible grease points, high tip loader buckets are easy to service and maintain as needed.

You can trust our high tip loader buckets from Agritrend. We work closely with the producer to ensure our kit has perfect geometry, excellent welding and proper paint application standards to make a long life and reliable implement.

Contact us today to choose the right bucket for your equipment and application needs.

Specific features:

Robust and well designed with HB500 hardox bite edge, bump stoppers and accessable grease points. Also underside hardox scuff plates for max wear life. We give you the hydraulic couplers to suit and you can call us for a quote with the bracketing you require. Three ranges with a choice of widths and volumes.

General Features & Specification:

  • Allows for an increased dump height for loading high sided hoppers.
  • Rams mounted on either side of the bucket allowing for a high pivot point.
  • Rubber bump stopper protectors to cushion the bucket and rams on return from tip position
  • Additional pair of rams for the hydraulic jaw
  • Bolt on forged 700mm curved tines conus 1 M22
  • 15mm steel profile for the jaw sides (claw grab models)
  • Electric control fob for command of the grab movement
  • Hardox cutting edge as standard
  • Generous heel and side metal thickness
  • Greaseable pivot points
  • Hydraulic couplings and hoses to suit your requirement
  • Telescopic handler or loader brackets of your choice fitted at the cost of brackets plus £100 for welding and finishing.


  • 110x16 HB500 cutting edge
  • easy access to greasing nipples
  • tines made of forged steel


  • hydraulic solenoid divider
Index Width Weight Vol
MHTBG140 140 cm 484 kg 0.50 m³
MHTBG160 160 cm 513 kg 0.58 m³
MHTBG180 180 cm 542 kg 0.65 m³
MHTBG200 200 cm 571 kg 0.72 m³
MHTBG220 220 cm 600 kg 0.79 m³
MHTBG240 240 cm 629 kg 0.86 m³

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