Auger bucket for feed lines, suitable for roots, cereals, meal mixes and other feed products with left and right side (double sided) dispensing action.

Two ranges of feed mixer dispenser buckets for sale in a variety of sizes for your tractor loader and telescopic handler. Suitable for a variety of feed products. Made to the Agritrend specification by FK Machinery. Feed mixer buckets for sale direct from Agritrend or via the Agritrend dealer network.

Auger Feed Line Dispenser Bucket in Action:

There are two ranges of feed auger buckets. A standard volume range and an extra volume range. Both with widths 120 to 240cm. The model featured in the gallery is the Feed Bucket Super Strong-200 (FBSS-200) which is 2 meters wide with a 1.42 cubic meter capacity. There is another larger range of 7 sizes as an "extra volume" version with 20% more cubic capacity. Both ranges are double sided feed line dispenser auger buckets for grains, silage, roots and other food stuffs.

A very robust, simple and highly versatile implement. It was designed by our production partner FK Machinery. We tested it here in the UK and after adding features we decided it warrants a place among our own portfolio of offers. We are very selective about including any product alongside our own designs and only the very best of class are included in this manner.


Twin guillotine door chute dispensers on each side of the auger bucket with independent twin hydraulic rams for shunting and dispensing either to the left or to the right.

Reversible auger allows dispensing from both left and right sides of the bucket. The auger is driven by an internal hydraulic motor with a stroke volume of 324 cc and with optimal operation at 180 bar.

Designed for strength and long life. The design incorporates the following hardy design elements; generous metal profile thickness, a hardox bite edge, twin skins, box section cross-members, gusseting and ribbing. These multiple approaches add up to a very hefty and robust implement.

Walkround video showing the features and build of the auger feed line dispenser bucket:

Range of Sizes: Standard

Bucket Width (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity m3 Price nett of VAT
120 441 0.85 £4100
140 471 0.99 £4250
160 503 1.14 £4400
180 529 1.28 £4550
200 560 1.42 £4700
220 594 1.56 £4850
240 622 1.70 £5050

Range of Sizes: Extra Volume

Bucket Width (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity m3 Price nett of VAT
120 475 1.09 £4350
140 519 1.27 £4500
160 568 1.46 £4750
180 614 1.64 £4900
200 655 1.82 £5300
220 701 2.00 £5550
240 745 2.18 £5790

Detailed description of the 2 meter wide standard volume version of the feed line auger bucket

  • Width: 200cm
  • Weight: 560kg
  • Capacity: 1.2 cubic meters
  • Auger: 300mm wide hydraulic powered
  • Auger bucket function: reversible
  • Anti Bridging: free moving finger-wheels powered by auger
  • Emptying: twin sided. Hydro powered guillotine doors and chutes on both
  • Guillotine door rails: very robust and knock proof
  • Output Chutes: 200mm and extendable
  • Bucket Cover thickness: 5mm
  • Bucket sides: 6mm doubled up to 12mm on the quarter edge
  • Bite edge: 160mm X 16mm hardox 400
  • Reinforcement: 80mm x 80mm box to bucket top
  • Reinforcement: internal gusseting to bucket corners
  • Reinforcement: 60mm x 80mm cross member box to rear of bucket
  • Reinforcement: 3 x ribs of 8mm profile to the rear of the bucket
  • Hydraulics: simple manual left/right tap control to swap dispensing sides

This is a very thoughtfully designed feed line auger bucket with generous amounts of steel and numerous strengthening features representing the most excellent value for money and long life. This bucket was designed by our production partner FK Machinery. We at Agritrend tested it and improved it here in the UK and decided the range deserves a place in our portfolio of offers alongside our own products. We are very selective about including any product alongside our own designs and only the very best in class items like this example are endorsed in this way by Agritrend.

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