Pronar Hook Lift/Loader Trailer Range

Six models with comprehensive options as below:

T185 Total max weight on wheels 15000kg

T185/1 (more free options than T185) Total max weight 15000kg. Allows for shorter and longer container sizes

T285 Total max weight 21000kg

T285/1 (heavier build than T185) Total max weight 24000kg

T286 (longer container allowance and auto control as standard)

T386 (Triple axle) Total max weight 34000kg

All the hook loaders are UK CHEM standard including LED lights


NEW 2021 Pronar T285/1 hook lift trailer.

Standard features:

  • UK CHEM standard
  • Dual air lines for consistent fail-safe braking without the need to pump
  • Anti lock brakes (ALB) system on drums 406x140mm
  • Wheels 445/65 r 22.5
  • Two axles. Tandem suspension with front and back wheels inter-linked. Each wheel with 4 x parabolic leaf springs
  • Fixed front axle with passively steered rear axle but with the support of a hydraulic turning angle lock function
  • 50mm rotary towing eye
  • Triangular reinforced drawbar support for parking
  • Crank hand brake, rear bumper, rear lights with protective grating, mudguards, wheels chocks and chock racks
  • Central hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic safety system control from cab to prevent operator error
  • Trailer weight when empty 5240 kg
  • Total permissible payload weight 17760 kg
  • Total max weight of the trailer plus payload 24000kg
  • Min and max container length 5400/6400mm
  • Price £27015 plus VAT and delivery

Technical data for the T285/1:

  • llowable total weight (technically): 24000 kg
  • Permissible total weight: 23000 kg
  • Load capacity: 17760* kg
  • Empty weight: 5240 kg
  • Length without container: 7313 mm
  • Length with the shortest/longest container: 7413/8413 mm
  • Width without a container: 2550 mm
  • Width with a container: 2550 mm
  • Attachment dimensions of the container
  • Hook height (min/max): 1450/1570 mm
  • Rolls track: 1070 mm
  • Permissible dimensions of the container
  • Length (min/max): 5400/6400 mm
  • Internal length: (min/max): 5000/6000 mm
  • Width: max 2550 mm
  • Height: max 2500 mm
  • Height of the trailer without container: 2981 mm
  • Height of the guide rollers from the ground: 1180 mm
  • Container maximum tipping angle/oil requirement (L) /oil pressure(bar): 53/18/200 ˚/l/bar
  • Wheel track: 2000 mm
  • Suspension: tandem with parabolic springs and axle base 1810 mm
  • Hitch-ring load: 3000 kg
  • Tyres: 445/65 R22.5
  • Towing speed: 40 km/h
  • Tractor power requirement: 125/92 KM/kW
* Depending on how it is loaded, it may be necessary to move the container backwards while preparing for tipping

Optional Extras for the T285/1

  • Additional pair of hydraulic outlets at the back (to supply the hydraulic backwall of the container) and additional pair of hydraulic outlets located on the hook £345
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders supporting the first stage of tipping £570
  • Aluminium mudguards £330
  • 2 X amber beacons to the rear £210
  • Two working area LED lights to the rear of the trailer £210
  • Wheel upgrade to ALLIANCE 165D 882 560/60R22,5 £1367
  • Combined brakes (dual airline brakes and hydraulic brakes £775
  • Tool Box (70 litre capacity) £150


  • Side underrun protection. £350 plus VAT
  • LED road lights (long life). £135 plus VAT
  • Tool Box (70 litre). £150 plus VAT
  • Additional hydraulic pair at the back (to supply the container backwall) and additional pair located on the hook. £335 plus VAT
  • Two additional hydraulic cylinders supporting the first stage of tipping. £570 plus VAT
  • Aluminium mudguards. £330 plus VAT
  • Two amber beacons at the rear. £210 plus VAT
  • Twin LED work area lights at the rear. £210 plus VAT
  • Wheel upgrade: Alliance 165D 882 560/60R22.5. £1350 plus VAT
  • Double braking system types. Both hydraulic and dual line air brakes on each trailer. £780 plus VAT
  • Twin LED work area lights at the rear. £210 plus VAT
Price including all of the options in blue £31,435 plus VAT and delivery

Pronar hook loader trailer bodies from Agritrend LTD Brochure

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