Pallet Forks Log Grab for lifting up to 2500kg

FK Machinery Log Grab from Agritrend LTD.

Log Grab with pallet forks suitable for tractor loader, skid-steer and mini-loader. The pallet forks set and hydraulic log grapple can be purchased separately.

The hydraulic grapple is sized to attach to any standard 16 inch pallet fork backplate.

Popular with bio-mass processors and log suppliers.

Rated for 2.5 tonnes.


  • Weight of the complete set 365kg
  • Handling capacity 2500kg
  • Double acting grapple ram which detaches from 16 inch back-plate to allow use of the implement as a pallet fork set
  • Forks rated to 2.5 tonnes across the pair
  • Width 1240mm
  • Forks length 1200mm and width 100mm
  • Grease points to moving parts
  • Euro 8 brackets as standard

Comes with hydraulic hoses at no extra cost. Brackets subject to surcharge ( JCB Q-FIT & Manitou £175)

Grapple hook with rams and hoses can be purchased separately for £825 plus VAT plus & delivery. Grapple hook can be mounted on your own 16 inch (standard size) pallet tine support bracket. Weight of grapple hook 105kg

The forks and back-plate can be used separately as a most excellent and premium quality pallet fork set. The pallet forks are made to our special Agritrend specification with heavy duty profiles, cross-member box support, 5 x bush positions for screw in bale spikes and an optimised crowd angle. The forks are 10cm wide and support 2.4 tonnes across the pair.

We supervise choice of materials and components and ensure that welding and painting are completed to our AGRITREND standards.

Comes with standard push in hydraulic couplings or those to suit with our compliments

Price £1775 plus VAT including free delivery if purchasing the whole set.