Agritrend 3 meter manual fold harrow
for tractors of 30hp upwards.

  • Cat 1 linkage with headstock

  • Four rows with front to back length 1.8 meters between the front skid tip to the rear trailing edge

  • Transport width 2.11 meters

  • Effective harrowing width 3.0 meters

  • Actual overall width unfolded 3.2 meters

  • Weight 360 kg

This harrow has been designed to offer a simple and aggressive solution for leveling ridges, ruts and poached paddocks. It will spread and smooth your menage/arena.  Also for conditioning and cultivation of grassland.

The harrow has a robust frame and head-stock. The specification is significantly heavier and more effective than any other harrow of this type available through the whole of Europe. Generous use of steel gives more weight and strength to make it the best performing and most user-proof  implement  for smaller tractors.

The leading edge is made of two heavy  steel angle irons at 90 degree profile. The first angle iron slices off the top (ruts, ridges, bumps, mole-hills, dung etc) and the second angle iron grades surplus material into place. The remainder of the harrow mat works in and further distributes soil, dung and thatch for either grassland or a cultivated surface.

Each harrow tooth unit is double sided. This gives two different effects and you can flip the mat over to your preference. One side has a longer tooth for tearing out thatch and for cultivation use. The other side has a stubby tooth designed for levelling poached pastures, paddocks and arenas and for spreading mole-hills and dung.  The harrow comes complete with three linkage pins for easy hitching to your tractor and the A-frame linkage has a wide design to accommodate larger tractors.

The heavy duty features of the Agritrend Harrow are listed below as a buying check-list.

  • 14mm steel rings hold the chain bed together. (Industry norm 12mm)
  • Heavier lugs around the frame upgraded to hold the heavier chain in place
  • Truly robust ski skids made from 8mm steel
  • Generously engineered shock-proof hinges support the  folding wings
  • Compact and reinforced head-stock far superior and more "user-proof" than any other approach
  • Frame is made from 80 X 80 X 8mm 355 steel (Other products compare at 6mm and often with inferior steel)
  • Our more massive and double sided tooth sections give better performance and greater protection against shattering
  • Very strong chains for lengthwise support
  • Overall a simple implement. More steel for your money! Better results on your pastures. Longer life. User proof!!
Agritrend LTD designed this harrow range to be the heaviest and most aggressive on the UK market for British grassland conditions for thick and heavy sward, poached and uneven ground and re-seeding after ploughing. Three sizes: 4, 5 and 6 meter Specification:
Size Weight Tooth sections teeth Transport width Length
4m 505kg 54 162 2.45m 1.8m
5m 575kg 70 210 2.45m 1.8m
6m 690kg 78 234 2.45m 1.8m

The following list is a buying comparison check which highlights the Agritrend chain harrow heavy-duty specifications which set them apart from other harrows:

  • Heavy-duty frame and levelling bar made from 80mm X 80mm X 8mm 355 carbon steel giving greater weight and strength, longer life and more effective performance. Compares well with industry standard of 6mm steel.
  • Heavy duty skids made from 8mm steel. Visibly more robust than standard harrows.
  • Heavy duty 14mm steel rings in the chain. Industry standard is 12mm.
  • Strengthening straps from 14mm steel. Industry standard is 12mm.
  • All models with hydraulic fold as standard.
  • Tooth sections are 2.1kg. 40% heavier than the industry standard of 1.5kg.
  • Longer and fatter harrow teeth. ¾ inches longer than the industry standard. - Longer tooth sections are more effective. - More massive tooth sections take longer to wear. - More metal mass means resistance to shattering on stumps and drain covers. - Our more massive tooth section is double sided and can be flipped between “standard” and “aggressive”.

Other Features

  • Transport locking mechanism for increased safety for a definite lock
  • Pull cord activates a mechanical unlock to drop the machine from transport to working position
  • Hydraulics re-fold the machine with mechanical auto-lock being reset. This means a safety chain is not needed and makes the machine easier to deploy in the field.
  • Transport width for all sizes at 2.45 meters
  • Robust hooks and shackles around the frame in keeping with the heavy duty approach.
  Agritrend introduced the heavy duty chain harrow in 2012 and it now sets the best standard for strength of build, weight and effective harrowing. This is because of heavier metal work used in construction, a heavier tooth section and better design and very good welding and finish.

These harrows are available to view in the following locations see below.
Call Bob Mills on 07979 061250 to arrange a viewing

  • Kent/Sussex, Ed Burridge Engineering 07766 812999
  • Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, IOW: Hunt Forest group
  • Cornwall: Truro Farm Machinery
  • Devon: CR Willcocks TQ12 6RW
  • Mid-Wales: Call Morgan on 07791179168
  • North Wales Denbigh: Harrison Machinery
  • South West Wales: A&W Agricultural.
  • Anglesey: PGF Agri
  • Staffs, Derbs and Peak district: B&B Tractors
  • South and Central Scotland: Thomas Sherriff
  • South Cumbria: DJ Agri
  • Northumbria and North East: Paxtons
  • North Yorks: BRM LTD
  • Rest of Yorks: Adam Willis 07752 371216
  • Lancashire: Carrs-Billington
  • Bristol/Bath and surrounding: JW Agri Services
  • M4 Hungerford: PJS Agricultural
  • Shrewsbury: Severn Farm Machinery

  Agritrend harrows are the default choice for effective harrowing and levelling. Our mission was to make ours the strongest chain harrow available in the UK and to beat the premium brands on price with more metal for your money. Because our harrows are built stronger so they are longer lasting, more aggressive at aeration and very effective at clod crushing. The heavier specification allows many of our customers to use this harrow with good effect on ploughed pasture land before re-seeding. Some use them in place of more expensive spring tine harrows because of the longer and more aggressive tooth section

We also supply a 2 meter manual fold version and a range of hydraulic folding harrows at 4m, 5m and 6m.