Agritrend harrow for compact tractor 2.35 meter

Four rows with front to back length 1.88 meters

This harrow has been designed to offer a simple, and easy solution for levelling poached paddocks, spreading menages, and conditioning hay pastures.

The harrow has a robust frame and head-stock. The specification is significantly stronger, much heavier and therefore decisively more effective than any other harrow of this type available on the market. The weight (265kg) makes this the best performing harrow of any which can be sourced in Europe and the UK and Ireland.


The leading edge is made of two steel angle irons at 90 degree profile. The first angle iron slices off the top and the second breaks up the lumps which result. They are made from 8mm 355 steel. The remainder of the harrow mat breaks up any remainders into smaller pieces and spreads evenly while conditioning and/or cultivating.

Each harrow tooth is double sided. This gives two different effects and you can flip the mat over to your preference. One side has a longer tooth for tearing out thatch and for cultivation use. The other side has a stubby tooth designed for leveling poached pastures and paddocks and for spreading molehills.

The harrow comes complete with three linkage pins

The heavy duty features of the Agritrend Harrow are listed below as a buying check-list.

  • 14mm steel rings hold the chain bed together. (Industry norm 12mm)
  • Heavier lugs around the frame upgraded to hold the heavier chain in place
  • Compact and reinforced head-stock far superior and more "user-proof" than any other approach
  • Frame is made from 80 X 80 X 8mm steel (Other products compare at 6mm)
  • Our more massive tooth sections give better performance and greater protection against shattering
  • Very strong chain for lengthwise support
  • Overall a simple implement. More steel for your money! Better results on your pastures. Longer life.

We also supply a 3 meter manual fold version and a range of hydraulic folding harrows at 4m, 5m and 6m.