Self-loading Tractor Mounted Drop Gritter Salt Spreader For Rear 3 Point Linkage, 1 Cubic Meter Capacity

This is a tractor mounted drop gritter /salt spreader. It has a 1 cubic meter hopper capacity (1.7 tonnes of grit) and it drops a band of salt/grit which is 180 cm wide. There is a robust hydraulic powered agitator to prevent bridging. It has a hydraulic self-loading scoop action and manual lever control of dose flow. 12 volt light power cable and road reflectors included. Painted in high visibility yellow RAL 1028.

Main Details of Self-loading Drop Gritter

  • The entire hopper width edge to edge is 203cm left to right and it leaves a surface drop band of 180 cm
  • Height from deck to rim is 1.45 cm
  • Front to back distance at the widest point on the hopper mouth is 97cm
  • Weight when empty is 514kg
  • Weight when full 2300 kg plus/minus 200kg depending on the type and dampness of the grit

Technical description

  • A rotating tubular agitator is positioned in the bottom of the hopper. It has heavy duty projectors which move through the grit with a stirring and crushing action to prevent bridging
  • The flow-rate/surface-dose of grit is controlled by a manual aperture lever and the speed of the hydraulic motor
  • Above the rotating agitator is a sturdy galvanised mesh to prevent larger lumps and frozen inclusions or foreign bodies getting to the agitator
  • The steel thickness of the hopper sides is 4.5mm reinforced to 13mm at the rim edges
  • Very stout and over engineered hydraulic ram for the scooping action
  • The steel thickness of the hopper back/heel/front is 5mm reinforced by a double folded edge/rim at the back and by box welded externally to the bucket wall in a grid rib configuration.
  • The bite edge of the bucket is from hardox 400 plate 16mm X 130mm
  • The hopper is strengthened internally with two struts and a central steel bracing tube
  • The external scooping face of the bucket is protected with 5 X hardox 400 scuff plates
  • Bottom links have very generous metal thickness on the clevis which is visible in the photos
  • Multiple grease points for all critical moving parts


Price includes delivery

£3800+ VAT

Self-loading Drop Gritter

Larger size 1.25 cubic meter capacity available at overall width 260cm, drop width 240cm, weight when empty 843kg. Price for the larger size is £4700 plus VAT inc delivery to mainland UK locations excluding Highlands and Islands where there may be extra delivery costs.

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