Front Linkage Hydraulic Angling Snow Plough for micro and small tractors

2 Meter Width Hydraulic Angling Snow Plough with Running Wheels.

This is a handy hydraulic angled plough for tractor front linkage. Strong and light reinforced construction with shock absorbed clearing blades top clear hidden obstacles under the snow to prevent damage.


  • 2 Meter wide curved mould board of 760mm height
  • Hydraulic angling 30 degrees with angled clearing width between 201 and 176cm
  • Lateral tilt to adapt to road camber
  • Running support wheels 200 diameter x 60mm with winding leveling jack
  • Clearing rubbers 30mm wide by 150mm tall
  • Clearing rubbers mounted on 8 x shock absorbers with a sprung/tilt mechanism and left and right sides of the plough independently shocked
  • LED lights and lighting supply cable
  • Mould board from 4mm steel plate reinforced by 6mm steel ribbing
  • Front linkage
  • 192kg weight

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