Tractor Mounted front Linkage Snow Plough with Hydraulic Angling

These are front linkage mounted hydraulic angling snow ploughs with sprung shock absorbers.

We use generous quantities of steel which is evident on the weight of the ploughs.

The design is very similar to that used by Alpine and Scandinavian operators and the build quality is very high being supervised directly by Agritrend. This makes our snow ploughs the most robust and versatile snow clearing implements with far better value for money and faster return on investment than any other offering through Europe and the UK.

The Cat II front linkage is designed to fit tractors up to 150hp. For larger tractors we can make modified top links with a longer and more robust clevis (POA).

The ploughs can also be used on tractor front-loaders with adapter frame between the 3-point-link on the plough and the loader brackets (POA).

These hydraulic angling snow ploughs were designed by Agritrend LTD to operate with agricultural tractors and can be used on other self-propelled machines. The ploughs have sprung loaded shock absorbers with 50mm thick clearing rubbers in keeping with the Continental standard for harsh wintry conditions (UK norm 30mm) and hydraulic angling to 30° making them versatile when managing snow in car parks and roads. This is a very robust machine with generous quantities of steel designed for long and reliable working life. You can judge by the extra weight that our ploughs are stronger than the rest of the field of machines generally offered for sale in the UK. Our build quality is evident when viewing our excellent welding and finish up close. We have a thoughtful and detailed approach with multiple grease points and other water-proofing applied to cope with UK wet snow/road salt conditions.

  • All models have hydraulic angling to 30° left and right controlled from the tractor cab
  • 12° lateral left/right gravity tilt to accommodate road camber
  • Out-rigger LED front lights with cable link to tractor power
  • 50mm cleaning blades to give a more effective “wipe” for wet British snow
  • Cleaning blades are split into left/right/middle sections and are mounted on shock absorbers
  • Hardox blades available on request.
  • Running wheels as standard (included in the price)
  • Winding jacks X 2 for setting height
  • Water-proofing to electrics
  • Generous use of grease points
  • Linkage pins included as standard
  • 3 sizes: 2.5, 2.7 or 3.0 meter working width

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Technical information

Model Width (m) Angled width (m) Weight (kg) Shield Height Scraper Grease points Independent Blade sections
SP-1 2.5 2.12 380 1 meter 50 mm All moving parts 3
SP-2 2.7 2.30 450 1 meter 50 mm All moving parts 3
SP-3 3.0 2.55 530 1 meter 50 mm All moving parts 3

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